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Definition:  Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially when in a difficult situation.

My massage will aid you in maintaining balance.

THANK YOU for coming to my page! I have had a passion for massage since 1996 and now I’m offering appointment only massage in my own studio.

Please CALL or TEXT or WRITE via email to schedule an appointment today!

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Connie Youngblood has been doing massage in San Diego, California since 1996.  She is Nationally Certified and associated with ABMP and continues to take course work that strengthens as well as diversifies her modalities.  Connie's massage is nurturing as well as educational, putting you back in touch with your own body by pointing out the areas you hold your stress and tension.

Connie’s strengths also include being a Medium and Nutritional Counseling.  With the balance of all three she passes along her knowledge to her clients.

Connie's office can be found at:

7752 Fay Avenue Suite D
La Jolla, Ca. 92037

Please call or text 619.993.7909 or email for appointments
and any questions.

CAMTC #8904

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Massage Rates:


$50 for 30 min.

$85 for 60 min.

$125 for 90 min.

Massage Packages:

10 – 60 min. massages for $750 ($75 per massage)

10 – 90 min. massages for $1150 ($115 per massage)

Massage Modalities:

Swedish – This is the most popular type of massage for relaxation, which incorporates long, flowing massage strokes.

Trigger Point Therapy - Trigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured or overworked sending pain to a referred pain area. Specific pressure on these points can relieve pain in all areas.

Deep Tissue – Deep pressure is used to relieve muscle tightness. Used for chronic tightness.

Passive Joint Therapy – The therapist moves the joint to increase joint mobility and flexibility in a passive fashion. Used in injury conditions.

Russian Sports Massage – Sports type therapy to improve athletic performance. Used in pre and post event conditions.

Pre / Post Perinatal Massage – Massage for pregnancy (Not for men. Except that one guy)

PNF Stretching – Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching, in other words active and passive range of motion stretching to enhance athletic performance. Used in Pre-event conditions

TMJ Relief - Temporomandibular joint problems are addressed

Rotator Injury Relief – Each of the five muscles making up the rotator cuff are addressed.

Medium & Channelling

Medium / Channelling – $90 hourly

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Contact Equanimity Massage – Connie Youngblood

To schedule an appointment –

Call or text: 619.993.7909  or email:  windstar70@yahoo.com

My studio is located at –

7752 Fay Avenue Suite D
La Jolla, Ca. 92037

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